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Video PowerPoint webcasts & CDs

We convert and webcast video+PowerPoint and synchronized multimedia in a fast and economical process.
You can now webcast and/or send out a CD or DVD economically whether you have one presentation or a two-day conference to deliver.

Text, graphics, slides and live links change automatically on cue in the viewers' browsers or on their TVs with no plug ins, using standard Windows components. Web archives are available - and all can be edited and indexed so that your viewers see the best presentations possible. See DVD+CD page for more.

Low cost options include sending us your presenters' PowerPoint, plus audio or video tapes immediately after the event for us to create web archives and interactive CDs fast.

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Live PowerPoint webcasts

Webcast PowerPoint with video or audio live or near-live for conferences, educational events and corporate presentations. Projection quality images are available even over a single standard ISDN connections from the event venue. See how competitive our rates are.

Recent work for Energywatch involved projecting the video + PowerPoint at regional offices throughout the UK from a venue with a single ISDN, yet we achieved a large video window and clear images.

We have many options to restrict access such as password entry systems - sample here.

Low cost PowerPoint webcasting services

PowerPoint to DVD / CD / WMP

Converting your PowerPoint to DVD, CD or Windows Media can be a very effective way of using you presentation in new locations such as meetings and kiosk displays. We give you the option of adding video and audio, music and professional voice-overs at very competitive rates.

Business presentations

We create presentations from your outline and also help you to sharpen and focus existing presentations. Our copywriters, graphics and animation team can create elegant and compelling sequences which will ensure your message makes an impression. For unattended DVD presentations our resident script doctor ensures you grab and hold attention whenever the audience is within range.
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CD and Broadband eventstreamed video presentations
What is Eventstreaming?

Eventstreaming simply means adding commands to the media so that events, such as slide changes, happen at predetermined times. This means you can synchronize slide changes with video or audio to create a CD or Web presentation. Viewers can watch, pause and rewind at any time making it an ideal resource for on-line conferences, training and customer support.

  • Extra emphasis - for key points and USPs.
  • More compelling - business presentations.
  • Ability to clarify - technical or complex ideas
  • Bigger impact - for sales and stand-alone displays.
  • Versatile - 'talking guidebooks' on-line instruction manuals.
  • Extra mileage - for existing PowerPoint presentations.
  • Web resource - for hundreds of applications from training to sales.
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