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Actionstream offer broadband, midband and narrowband hosting for Windows Media, Real Media and QuickTime at exceptional rates.

In order to achieve an extremely high standard of delivery we use groups of high-performance servers configured in clusters with load balancing. These are dedicated to streaming media delivery and connected to the Internet with over 8Gb of bandwidth.

This means that we can offer you the ability to reach almost any size of audience. Our flexible hosting plans cater for small and large requirements and represent exceptional value for money. The servers are configured to use protocol roll-over which allows streaming media to pass through most firewalls.

We offer a range of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and pay-per-view options in addition to the ability to set upper limits both on the number of simultaneous users and on total bandwidth utilization. This allows you to define and control access and costs when necessary. The control panel option gives access to live bandwidth usage in real time as well as full user statistics updated every 24 hours.

Live webcast publishing points
  •  Virtually any number of simultaneous viewers available
  •  Weekly, Monthly and per event contracts
  •  Live stats and control panel option
  •  Exceptionally low charges for Tier 1 bandwidth
Corporate publishing points
  •  Dedicated media server clusters
  •  Dedicated folders
  •  FTP access
  •  Units of 1Gb media storage
  •  Units of 10Gb data transfer, no upper limit
  •  No limit on simultaneous viewers
  •  Live stats with control panel
  •  Exceptional value
Business publishing points
  •  Dedicated media server clusters
  •  Units of 1Gb media storage
  •  Units of 1Gb data transfer
  •  Units of 100 simultaneous viewers
  •  Burstable option available
  •  Monthly stats or live stats option
  •  Exceptional value
Personal publishing points
  •   Dedicated media server cluster
  •  Units of 50Mb media storage
  •  Units of 500Mb data transfer
  •  Units of 10 simultaneous viewers
  •  Exceptional value
In addition to our standard plans we also configure packages to meet individual client requirements for all audio and video hosting.







State-of-the-art Actionstream video server clusters with Tier 1 Internet access.
Windows Media publishing points for high speed streaming video and audio hosting
Pay-per-view webcasting

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Actionstream currently hosts streaming media for the UK Government and many national and international companies. Because of our high capacity, excellent value and flexible short-term contracts we are ideally suited to hosting high-demand events such as broadband AGMs and corporate announcements.
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