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Live webcast production services Editing, conversion, transfer and encoding services for DVD, CD-ROM. Digibeta, Betamax, DV, VHS, broadband to and from all world video formats A selection of Actionstream Direct Media clients
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A selection of Actionstream clients
International Criminal Court International Criminal Court of Justice (ICC): Media production consultancy services.
Learning and Skills Network Learning and Skills Network: Conference webcasting & CD-ROM production.
National Information Learning Technology Association NILTA (National Information Learning Technologies Association): Annual conference webcasts & CD-ROM production.
National Institute of Adult Continuing Education NIACE (National  Institute of Adult Continuing
Annual conference webcasts & CD.
Association of London Government Association of London Government: CD-ROM design & production.
London Borough of Lambeth London Borough of Lambeth: CD-ROM tooltkit for London LEAs 'Children Missing Education'.
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council: Conference Video and CD-ROM production.
energywatch energywatch: Live webcasting and video seminar/training CD-ROM.
Loughborough University Loughborough University: Bi-annual live graduation webcasting.
University of Cambridge The Prince of Wales' Business & the Environment Programme: Video production, webcasting & encoding services.
Croydon College Croydon College: Mmedia encoding and video hosting services.
Joint Educational Trust Joint Educational Trust: Educational/fund raising video, DVD & webcast production.
Joint Information Strategy Committee Joint Information Strategy Committee: Live webcasting & CD-ROM production.
Special Educational Needs Tribunal Wales Special Educational Needs Tribunal Wales (SENTW): Video, DVD & webcast production.
S4C S4C: Chanel 4 Wales: Live webcasting and archiving services.
British Medical Association British Medical Association: Live conference webcasting, video & DVD production.
Association for Perioperative Practice Association for Perioperative Practice: Conference multimedia PowerPoint CD-ROM
Alzheimers Society Alzheimer's Society: Video encoding and hosting.
Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ferring Pharmaceuticals: International Medical Symposium webcasting.
ESHRE ESHRE: European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology: Video Production & webcasting
European Society of Vascular Surgery European Society of Vascular Surgery: conference video, encoding and hosting
Oasis Healthcare Oasis Healthcare: Conference Video/ PowerPoint CD-ROM production
Wolseley Wolseley Plc: Consultancy services.
British Airline Pilots Association BALPA: British Airline Pilots' Association: Video production and webcasting services.
Surface Technology Systems Surface Technology Sytems: Corporate video production.
Becta BECTA (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency): Webcasting.
Q Arts QARTS: Exhbitions in North East: 24/7 live performance art webcasting.
T S Hendersons and sons TS Henderson & Co Precision Engineers: Website design, corporate video production.
Bikes and Hikes Bikes and Hikes: Website design and hosting.
Interactivities Interactivities-UK: Wwebsite design & media encoding & hosting hosting.
Ignite New Media Ignite New Media: Media encoding and hosting.


International Carbon Conference Carbon 2006: International Carbon Conference: CD-ROM design and production.
Institute of Public Policy Research IPPR: London summit of world leaders: Video production & webcasting; press photo desk.
Crisis Solutions Ltd Crisis Solutions Ltd: Webcasting news media for worldwide crisis scenario exercises.
Nintendo Nintendo: CD-ROM design for Los Angeles E3 launch of Nintendo DS Lite console.
HBOS HBOS (Halifax/& Bank of Scotland): Live conference Video & PowerPoint webcasting.
Euronext-liffe Euronext liffe: Training video, DVD & webcast production.
HSBC HSBC: Video transfer and duplication services.
MobilExxon MobilExxon: Video transfer and encoding services.
Securities and Investment Institute Securties and Investment Institute: Video production, webcasting & CD-ROM production
West Coast Labs West Coast Labs: Video production and webcasting, award ceremony webcasts.
Virgin Trains Virgin Trains: Webcast production services.
Haymarket Publishing Haymarket Publishing: Live conference webcasting & conference CD-ROM production
Anite Public Sector Anite Public Sector Plc: Corporate video & CD-ROM production.
Intel Roxio Inc Roxio, Intel & Jupiter Research: Live Video/PowerPoint webcasting.
Secure Computing Magazine Secure Computing Magazine: Global live webcasts for Annual Awards Events.
Torex Torex: Video/PowerPoint webcasting & CD-ROM production.
Prudential Prudential Plc: Video encoding and transfer services.
Imperial Tobacco Imperial Tobacco Group Plc: Multimedia CD-ROM production.
Torotrak Torotrak Plc: AGM webcasts, encoding and hosting services.
DMG World Media DMG World Media: Conference CD-ROM design and production.
Ancasta International Yacht Sales Ancasta International Yacht brokerage: Video & CD-ROM production.
SlushPuppie Slush Puppie: Corporate video production.
MMG theatreworks MMG Theatre Group: Theatrical video production and webcasting.
Harrods of Knightsbridge Harrods of Knightsbridge: Video production & webcasting.
Hamleys Toyshop Hamley's Toyshop: Video production & webcasting.
Cargill Sun Valley Cargill Inc and Sun Valley: Streaming video production.
Crathorne Hall Hotel Crathorne Hall Hotel : Corporate video and CD-ROM production.
Autocare Webcast Autocar Magazine: The London Land Speed Record Challenge: Video production
Coca Cola webcasts Coca Cola - webcasting of seasonal messages from Picadilly Circus displays.
Webcasting, site design & encoding for Toyota Toyota: Site design,media encoding & synchronized slide webcasting
The Stafford Hotel, London: Short notice PowerPoint & DVD production & conversion