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Webcasting: Video PowerPoint on demand: Torex Plc

Video PowerPoint webcasting and CD-ROM production
1. An initial page opens from a simple link on your existing website and introduces the webcast to your audience. You do not need to redesign your website and we brand the page to match.
Webcast feedback forms
3. An optional feedback form now opens - and this can contain any information you wish to gather, such as e-mail addresses etc. You can also deliver passwords in response to an authenticated form submission - i.e. this page can come before a password request..
Video Powerpoint, eventstreaming and live powerpoint webcasts
5. The video/slide presentation can be of any length. It can also be paused at any time and viewers can resume by using the controls to fast forward. Slides change automatically alongside.
Password protected media streaming

2. For confidential webcasts -e.g. to field workers at home - password protection is now invoked as the viewer proceeds.

Multibit rate and broadband webcasting

4. After the form is submitted, the viewer is presented with a choice of connection speeds and/or webcasts - this can be a single webcast or an interactive archive of Video on Demand presentations.

Powerpoint streaming presentation production
6. Despite the limitations of dial up modems and slow connections, these viewers also receive acceptable quality thanks to powerful new compression techniques. Interactive CD versions can contain up to 20 hours of video/slide presentations.

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