Editing and post-production, video encoding, graphics, animation, Flash, 3D modelling
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Video transfer services Video transfer & conversion services

We convert almost anything to almost anything.
For example we convert VHS / CD / DVD / PowerPoint to and from all world formats as well as onto CD-ROM, DVD and the web. Tapes in most formats are encoded and duplicated either to CD, VCD, SVCD, DVD or streaming versions such as Windows Media, QuickTime and Real.

We transfer to and from PAL, NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM and MESECAM.

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Video encoding Video encoding for streaming media

Our experience with streaming media dates back to 1998. We encode into allcommon formats. We offer a full range of HD encoding and hosting services. Please contact us for details.

  •  Windows Media (versions 7, 8, 9 & 10)
  •  MPEG 4
  •  H263
  •  HDTV
  •  Real Media
  •  QuickTime
  •  Java

Many clients need to balance quality with cost of delivery, especially to large audiences. Some of the midband rates offer an excellent compromise for this.

Video marketing Post-production

We offer in house post-production including:

  •  HD and SD editing
  •  Colour correction, image optimization
  •  Audio processing
  •  Animation & motion graphics
  •  Titling
  •  Voice-overs
  •  Subtitling in all common languages
  •  Output to all formats
We would be delighted to advise on the best combinations of quality of image with economy of delivery for your audience.
With unlimited numbers of audio and video tracks, we can edit the most complex productions and achieve a wide range of effects.

Video editing Video editing services

You can send existing footage in almost any format for editing, post-production, encoding and/or transfer to DVD and CD. We offer a complete range of post-production services including image stabilization, animation, motion graphics, titling, professional voice-overs, subtitles, translation and dubbing.

VOD archives Video On Demand archives

We can provide unlimited space for the storage of very large broadband video archives.

Your on-line video archive can be accessed in many interesting ways. For example, individual segments can be chosen to play in any order - from any number of videos. And these can be interspersed with adverts and links or side flip html pages. Furthermore they can be amended or changed whenever required.

Video marketing Video e-mail & marketing

Video e-mail and viral marketing offers many exciting new opportunities. Fully interactive multimedia presentations can be delivered anywhere and to huge audiences.

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Video editing for corporate productions, CD, DVD, TV, VHS, broadband and dial up streaming video. Complete range of encoding systems - we encode at all data rates into all major formats.