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Case Studies

The Branding Campaign

A financial services company has embarked on a major image-building campaign. It has modernised its logo and publicity material, and extensive television and printed advertising have backed all this up.

Its website has been given the corporate 'look', too, but animated graphics and even online music have failed to make it come alive.

What it needs is to strengthen the links between its expensive TV campaign and the 24-hour presence it can offer through the Internet. Research has also shown that some of the existing 30-second TV commercials have built up a following.

But the company does not want to give the copyrighted material away. So simply compressing the adverts and allowing visitors to download them as files - a slow process, anyway - is not what it's after. It wants visitors to stay on the site and learn about the many products on offer.

  Webstreaming case studies

Streaming video is the answer.

Properly encoded, the short items combine the strong visual keys and music of the existing adverts, with special stills and a new voiceover pointing visitors to other parts of the site.

The website addition has taken two days to produce. It goes 'live' on Day Three of the project. In time, further streaming videos are added to other pages on the site.

The finished product helps to enhance the company's image as a go-ahead, lively, youthful business with a unique approach to customer relations.

The Holiday 'Brochure'

Nothing captures the fun of an adventure holiday like the real thing. That's why people spend increasing amounts of money on them.

But not every holiday operator can attract or afford the kind of publicity it needs to stand out in the newspaper supplements or magazines.

Somehow, the magic of the rugged countryside, the rock-climbing courses - and the after-dinner Rest & Recuperation - has to be conveyed to the potential holidaymaker.

Streaming video is the answer.

Naturally the activities make good viewing. But the informative voiceover and the soundtrack of laughter, birdsong and babbling stream capture the essence of the experience.




The Product Recall

No business likes to advertise failure, but when an unexpected flaw is discovered in a new product, all businesses have to act quickly.

A consumer goods manufacturer has encountered design problems with a new product. It has issued the usual and obligatory public announcements. It has set up a supply chain to provide franchised dealers with replacement parts.

Making the modification correctly is an essential feature of the recall programme, however. Printed instructions could be misread, while sending full-blown video tapes round the world is a slow and inefficient alternative.

As well as its public Web presence, the manufacturer operates an internal network - or 'Intranet' - which business partners worldwide can access using passwords.

A streaming video programme provides the solution.

The Product Manager is able to talk through the issue stage-by-stage, explaining the design features. An engineer is shown making the modifications.

At the same time, a short explanatory video is added to the public Web site. It reassures customers that everything is being done to rectify the matter - and encourages them to contact their local dealers direct.

Both elements of the streaming video information programme are filmed, edited and encoded within a day. The information goes live at the beginning of Day Two.

One day and a night's filming by one cameraman and a producer/sound technician, and the streaming video programme is in the can - all for the cost of three small adverts in a weekly Travel supplement.

And it can stay on your website for as long as you like.